publication . Doctoral thesis . 2008

Podoplanin and the posterior heart field: epicardial-myocardial interaction

Mahtab, Edris Ahmad Faiz;
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  • Published: 21 Oct 2008
  • Publisher: Department of Anatomy and Embryology, Faculty of Science, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Leiden University
  • Country: Netherlands
This thesis introduces the posterior heart field contributing to the venous pole of the heart by epithelial-mesenchymal-transformation of the coelomic epithelium. Based on studying of podoplanin and Sp3 (novel genes in cardiogenesis) wildtype and knockout mouse embryos between stages 9.5-18.5, we postulate that the posterior heart field contributes through mesenchymal and myocardial cell populations. The mesenchymal population is involved in the formation of the proepicardial organ, epicardium and epicardium-derived cells. The hypoplastic proepicardial organ and impaired epicardial-myocardial interaction result from altered mesenchymal contribution of the poster...
Medical Subject Headings: cardiovascular systemcardiovascular diseases
free text keywords: Second heart field, Posterior heart field, Podoplanin, Sp3, Cardiogenesis, Pulmonary vein, Sinoatrial node, Cardiac conduction system, Proepicardial organ, EPDC
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Doctoral thesis . 2008
Provider: NARCIS
Doctoral thesis . 2008
Provider: NARCIS
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91 references, page 1 of 7
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publication . Doctoral thesis . 2008

Podoplanin and the posterior heart field: epicardial-myocardial interaction

Mahtab, Edris Ahmad Faiz;