The distinctive regulatory roles of PrtT in the cell metabolism of Penicillium oxalicum

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Chen, Ling; Zou, Gen; Zhang, Lei; de Vries, Ronald P; Yan, Xing; Zhang, Jun; Liu, Rui; Wang, Chengshu; Qu, Yinbo; Zhou, Zhihua; van den Brink, J.;
  • Subject: Aminopeptidases | Dipeptidyl-Peptidases and Tripeptidyl-Peptidases | Fungal Proteins | Gene Expression Regulation, Fungal | Penicillium | Peptide Hydrolases | Serine Endopeptidases | alpha-Amylases

PrtT is a fungal-specific transcription activator of extracellular proteases in Aspergilli. In this study, the roles of the PrtT homolog from Penicillum oxalicum was investigated by transcription profiling in combination with electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA).... View more
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