publication . Doctoral thesis . 2011

Silicon Nanowire Field-effect Chemical Sensor

Songyue Chen;
Open Access
  • Published: 13 Oct 2011
  • Country: Netherlands
This thesis describes the work that has been done on the project “Design and optimization of silicon nanowire for chemical sensing”, including Si-NW fabrication, electrical/electrochemical modeling, the application as ISFET, and the build-up of Si- NW/LOC system for automatic sample delivery. A novel top-down fabrication technique was presented for single-crystal Si-NW fabrication realized with conventional microfabrication technique. High quality triangular Si-NWs were made with high wafer-scale yield and scalable lateral dimensions down to 10 – 20 nm and lengths up to 100 m. The thick microscale electrical contact regions formed a continuous layer of single c...
free text keywords: IR-78233, METIS-281587, EWI-20874, Microfabrication, Field effect, Nanotechnology, Ohmic contact, Gate oxide, Fabrication, ISFET, Electrical contacts, Materials science, Electrical measurements
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