Impact of triphenyltin acetate in microcosms simulating floodplain lakes; II comparison of species sensitivity distributions between laboratory and semi-field

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Roessink, I.; Belgers, J.D.M.; Crum, S.J.H.; Brink, van den, P.J.; Brock, T.C.M.;
  • Subject: fresh-water microcosms | lambda-cyhalothrin | tributyltin | daphnia-magna | organotin compounds | aquatic invertebrates | endocrine disruptors | fungicide carbendazim | primary producers | prosobranch snails mollusca

The study objectives were to shed light on the types of freshwater organism that are sensitive to triphenyltin acetate (TPT) and to compare the laboratory and microcosm sensitivities of the invertebrate community. The responses of a wide array of freshwater taxa (includ... View more
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