Social participation after successful kidney transplantation

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Van der Mei, Sijrike F.; Van Sonderen, Eric L. P.; Van Son, Willem J.; De Jong, Paul E.; Groothoff, Johan W.; Van den Heuvel, Wim J. A.;
  • Subject: DIALYSIS | sports | STAGE RENAL-DISEASE | kidney transplantation | EUROPEAN COUNTRIES | ORGAN-TRANSPLANTATION | HEALTH | employment | UMCG Approved | REHABILITATION | social participation | leisure activities | QUALITY-OF-LIFE | SPINAL-CORD-INJURY | REPLACEMENT THERAPY | household tasks | SOCIOECONOMIC INEQUALITIES

Purpose. To explore and describe the degree of social participation after kidney transplantation and to examine associated factors. Method. A cross-sectional study on 239 adult patients 1-7.3 years after kidney transplantation was performed via in-home interviews on par... View more
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