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Defining and Evaluating Video Hyperlinking for Navigating Multimedia Archives

Maria Eskevich; Gareth J. F. Jones; Benoit Huet; Robin Aly; Roeland Ordelman;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 May 2015
  • Publisher: ACM
Multimedia hyperlinking is an emerging research topic in the context of digital libraries and (cultural heritage) archives. We have been studying the concept of video-to-video hyperlinking from a video search perspective in the context of the MediaEval evaluation benchmark for several years. Our task considers a use case of exploring large quantities of video content via an automatically created hyperlink structure at the media fragment level. In this paper we report on our findings, examine the features of the definition of video hyperlinking based on results, and discuss lessons learned with respect to evaluation of hyperlinking in real-life use scenarios.
free text keywords: EWI-26370, HMI-MR: MULTIMEDIA RETRIEVAL, media fragment, video hyperlinking, METIS-314982, multimedia archives, IR-98282, Benchmark evaluation, Crowdsourcing, Digital libraries, business.industry, business, World Wide Web, Hyperlink, Computer science, Digital library, Multimedia, computer.software_genre, computer, Cultural heritage
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