Systematic notes on Asian birds. 12. Types of the Alaudidae

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Dickinson, E.C. ; Dekker, R.W.R.J. ; Eck, S. ; Somadikarta, S. ; Kalyakin, M. ; Loskot, V. ; Morioka, H. ; Violani, C. ; Voisin, C. (2001)

A list is provided of the 165 names applied to identifiable Asian forms of species of lark (family Alaudidae). This list summarises our collective knowledge on the whereabouts of types for these names; where our information does not include reliable data we provide notes relating to the deficit and to stimulate others to send us additional data or to suggest sources of information. In two appendices we deal with certain old names that we judge to be indeterminate and we designate a lectotype for Eremophila sibirica (Swinhoe, 1871b).
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