Advanced TiC/a-C: H nanocomposite coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering

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Pei, Y.T.; Galvan, D.; Hosson, J.Th.M. De; Strondl, C.;
  • Subject: films | INDENTATION | MECHANICAL-PROPERTIES | CARBON COATINGS | wear resistance | engine components | nanocomposites | TiC/a-C : H

TiC/a-C:H nanocomposite coatings have been deposited by magnetron Sputtering. They consist of 2-5 nm TiC nanocrystallites embedded in the amorphous hydrocarbon (a-C:H) matrix. A transition from a Columnar to a glassy microstructure has been observed in the nanocomposite... View more
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