Effect of nutrient density, NSP source, coarseness of NSP and feed form on performance and behaviour of hens at early lay.

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Krimpen, van, M.M.; Kwakkel, R.P.; Andre, G.; Peet-Schwering, van der, C.M.C.; Hartog, den, L.A.; Verstegen, M.W.A.;
  • Publisher: Animal Sciences Group
  • Subject: poultry | feather pecking | diergedrag | animal nutrition | hennenvoeding | voer | hens | verenpikken | legresultaten | hen feeding | animal behaviour | feeds | diervoeding | laying performance | feeding behaviour | Animal Nutrition and Feeding (General) | hennen | Diervoeding en voedering (algemeen) | voedingsgedrag | pluimvee
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages

Feather pecking in layers is a multi factorial problem, which can be caused by environmental, genetic or nutritional factors. From the literature it has been shown that nutritional factors may positively or negatively affect feather pecking behaviour in laying hens. Nut... View more
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