Advanced oxidation technologies : photocatalytic treatment of wastewater

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Chen, J.;
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7.1. Summary and conclusions<p>The last two decennia have shown a growing interest in the photocatalytic treatment of wastewater, and more and more research has been carried out into the various aspects of photocatalysis, varying from highly fundamental aspects to pract... View more
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    48 references, page 1 of 5 The photocatalytic degradation of insecticides 32 The photocatalytic degradation of s-triazine herbicides . . 32 The photocatalytic degradation of surfactants 34 1.2.6 Advantages of and problems associated with photocatalysis compared with other methods 34 Advantages 34 Problems 35 1.3 OUTLINE OF THIS DISSERTATION 35 1.4 REFERENCES 37 5.1.1 Traditional treatment of radioactive wastewater 5.1.2 Application of photocatalysis on metal-ion deposition 5.1.3 Basic principles of photocatalysis for the removal of metal ions in aqueous solutions 141 5.2 EXPERIMENTAL 143 5.2.1 Reagents 143 5.2.2 Catalyst preparation 143 5.2.3 Apparatus and procedures of experiments 144 5.2.4 Analysis Uranium(VI) (uranyl) C02 and pH 5.3 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 5.3.1 Uranium adsorption on TiO, 5.3.2 Photocatalytic reduction of uranyl on TiO, 5.3.3 Photocatalytic reduction of uranyl on Pt/TiO, Initial concentration of uranium(IV) 50 ppm Initial concentration of uranium(VI) 25 ppm 5.3.4 The most relevant factors that affect uranyl deposition and EDTA mineralization on TiO, or Pt/TiO, 157 5.3.5 Decarboxylation of EDTA 159 5.3.6 The possible reductive products of uranyl, and the reduction mechanism 160 5.4 CONCLUSIONS 163 5.5 REFERENCES 164 Acetic acid. BIDEAU M., B. Claudel, L. Faure, and H. Kazouan, J. Photochem. Photobiol.

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    "Photocatalytic oxidation of organic atrazine and other s-triazine herbicides on Ti02, 02.

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