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Repeatability of differential goat bulk milk culture and associations with somatic cell count, total bacterial count, and standard plate count

Koop, G.; Dik, N.; Nielen, M.; Lipman, L.J.A.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2010
  • Country: Netherlands
The aims of this study were to assess how different bacterial groups in bulk milk are related to bulk milk somatic cell count (SCC), bulk milk total bacterial count (TBC), and bulk milk standard plate count (SPC) and to measure the repeatability of bulk milk culturing. On 53 Dutch dairy goat farms, 3 bulk milk samples were collected at intervals of 2 wk. The samples were cultured for SPC, coliform count, and staphylococcal count and for the presence of Staphylococcus aureus. Furthermore, SCC (Fossomatic 5000, Foss, Hillerød, Denmark) and TBC (BactoScan FC 150, Foss) were measured. Staphylococcal count was correlated to SCC (r=0.40), TBC (r=0.51), and SPC (r=0.53...
Medical Subject Headings: food and beveragesfluids and secretions
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