Grain and straw for whole plant: implications for crop management and genetic improvement strategies

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Schiere, J.B.; Joshi, A.L.; Seetharam, A.; Oosting, S.J.; Goodchild, A.V.; Deinum, B.; Keulen, van, H.;
  • Subject: adoption | feeding value | systems | residues | cereal varieties | supplementation | chemical-composition | developing-countries | digestibility | barley straw

Straws and stovers are often called `by-products` of grain production even though they are increasingly important, e.g. for animal feed, thatching, soil improvement, mushroom production and industrial use. As a result, plant breeders, agronomists, economists and animal ... View more
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    Table 2. Sorghum grain and fodder yields with associated value of production, All India, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh data, average of three years (1987-1989), based on Kelley et al., 1991.

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