Anabaptist Spirituality and the Heidelberg Catechism

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van den Belt, Hendrik; Huijgen, Arnold;
  • Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Although the Anabaptists are not explicitly mentioned in the Heidelberg Catechism, it is generally acknowledged that the catechism influenced by the debates with the so-called radical reformation. This paper assesses Zacharias Ursinus’ Commentary on the Heidelberg Catec... View more
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    9 According to Gary K. Waite the Reformed, compared to Catholic and Lutheran intolerance, only rarely depicted the Anabaptists as demonic but generally used biblical and rational arguments against them (2007, 60- 61). This seemingly mild attitude, however, may be more strategic than out of principle. In the Reformed sources the Anabaptists are also demonized quite often.

    10 On the disputation see Hege: 1908, 112-135, Güss: 1960, 73vv., and Bouma: 1992, 148-155,.

    11 “Swiss Brethren” is a collective name for German-speaking Anabaptists who did not belong to the Hutterites or the Mennonites and were located in Switzerland and South and Middle Germany and not an exclusively geographical designation (Bender: 1959).

    12 According to Yoder, Dathenus was a skillful debater and expert in Anabaptist issues with which he was familiar from Anabaptist materials collected in Holland (1962a, 27). Yoder refers to Güss: 1960, 77.

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