publication . Doctoral thesis . 2007

Structure-rheology relations in sodium caseinate containing systems

Ruis, H.G.M.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2007
  • Publisher: S.n.
  • Country: Netherlands
The general aim of the work described in this thesis was to investigate structure-rheologyrelations for dairy related products, focusing on model systems containing sodium caseinate. The acid inducedgelationof sodium caseinate, of sodium caseinate stabilized emulsions, and the effect of shear on the structure formation was characterized. Special attention was given to the sol-gel transition point, which was defined by a frequency independent loss tangent. It was shown that the sol-gel transition point is completely controlled by the pH and the temperature, independent of the concentration sodium caseinate or the applied shear rate. Considering sodium caseinate s...
free text keywords: natriumcaseïnaat, reologische eigenschappen, afschuifkracht, gelering, emulsies, structuur, verzuring, spectroscopie, licht, verstrooiing, Levensmiddelenfysica, sodium caseinate, rheological properties, shear, gelation, emulsions, structure, acidification, spectroscopy, light, scattering, Food Physics
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Doctoral thesis . 2007
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23 references, page 1 of 2
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