Phosphorylation and proteome dynamics in pathogen-resistant tomato plants

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Stulemeijer, I.J.E.;
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  • Subject: plant-microbe interactions | Plant Pathogenic Fungi | kinasen | solanum lycopersicum | plant-microbe interacties | Microbe-Plant Relations | fosforylering | Plantenziekteverwekkende schimmels | resistance breeding | eiwitexpressieanalyse | Microbe-plant relaties | kinases | passalora fulva | resistentieveredeling | phosphorylation | plant pathology | proteomics | signal transduction | protein synthesis | gastheer-pathogeen interacties | signaaltransductie | defence mechanisms | eiwitsynthese | host pathogen interactions | plantenziektekunde | verdedigingsmechanismen
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages

Microbial plant pathogens impose a continuous threat on global food production. Similar to disease resistance in mammals, an innate immune system allows plants to recognise pathogens and swiftly activate defence. For the work described in this thesis, the interaction be... View more
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