Individualized versus standard FSH dosing in women starting IVF/ICSI: An RCT. Part 2: The predicted hyper responder

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Oudshoorn, Simone C; van Tilborg, Theodora C; Eijkemans, Marinus J C; Oosterhuis, G Jur E; Friederich, Jaap; van Hooff, Marcel H A; van Santbrink, Evert J P; Brinkhuis, Egbert A; Smeenk, Jesper M J; Kwee, Janet; de Koning, Corry H; Groen, Henk; Lambalk, Cornelis B; Mol, Ben Willem J; Broekmans, Frank J M; Torrance, Helen L;
  • Subject: cost-effectiveness | ICSI | OVARIAN HYPERSTIMULATION SYNDROME | RCT | hyper ovarian response | METAANALYSIS | IN-VITRO FERTILIZATION | ovarian reserve | FOLLICLE-STIMULATING-HORMONE | TREATMENT CYCLE | Antral follicle count | individualized | live birth | EXCESSIVE RESPONSE | CLINICAL-TRIALS | IVF TREATMENT | IVF | PATIENT CHARACTERISTICS | RESERVE | Journal Article | FSH

STUDY QUESTION: Does a reduced FSH dose in women with a predicted hyper response, apparent from a high antral follicle count (AFC), who are scheduled for IVF/ICSI lead to a different outcome with respect to cumulative live birth rate and safety? SUMMARY ANSWER: Although... View more
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