Simulation and Comparison of HEV Battery Control for Best Fuel Economy and Longer Battery Life

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Adel, Boukehili; Youtong, Zhang; shuai, Sun;
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  • Journal: World Electric Vehicle Journal (issn: 2032-6653)
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.3390/wevj4020421
  • Subject: Battery ageing | HEV Battery Control | HEV Simulation | Ni-MH Battery

knowing that when (SOCmin) is too low (around SOCmin=0.2) we get good fuel economy per one speed cycle but the battery dies soon and cannot perform a lot of cycles, but when (SOCmin) is high (around SOCmin=0.8) the battery can survive for a larger number of speed cycle ... View more
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    Email: Sun Shuai Ph.D degree Engine lab, Beijing Institute Technology Beijng, China 100081 Tel:010-68915645

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