The report of joint research over 20 years of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Hiroshima Institute of Technology

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Tanaka,Takeshi ; Vutova,Katia (2014)
  • Journal: 広島工業大学紀要. 研究編, volume 48, pages 105-114 (issn: 1346-9975)
  • Subject: joint research | Institute of electronics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences | Hiroshima Institute of Technology

The Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Hiroshima Institute of Technology (EC-HIT) started the international joint research with the Laboratory “Physical Problems of Electron Beam technologies” of the Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IE-BAS) from 1994. 20 papers, included a book chapter, were published by implementing the international joint research under 5 Agreements for Academic Cooperation and Exchange between HIT and IEBAS. Our international joint research is getting the important position in joint research between Japan and Bulgaria. (The first Agreement for Academic Cooperation and Exchange between the Hiroshima Institute of Technology and the Institute of Electronics of the Bulgarian Academy of Science was signed in 1998. The President of HIT and the President of the BAS and the Director of IE-BAS signed the 4th Agreement in May 2009 and the 5th Agreement was signed in 2012.) The semiconductor fabrication process such as thin film deposition, Electron and Ion Lithography, Etching, Ion implantation, Plasma treatment, etc., evaluation technique such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, optical spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, etc., and their simulation technology were used for application in industry, medical service, medicine manufacture, biotechnology, dental, etc. In the future, this bilateral research partnership between EC-HIT and IE-BAS becomes more stable and further develops the bilateral relation between HIT and BAS.
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