Transverse colon cancer with Krukenberg tumor : A case report

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東門, 敦子 ; 松原, 洋孝 ; 下地, 英明 ; 伊佐, 勉 ; 濱安, 俊吾 ; 仲地, 厚 ; 宮里, 浩 ; 白石, 祐之 ; 武藤, 良弘 ; Tomon, Atsuko ; Matsubara, Hirotaka ; Shimoji, Hideaki ; Isa, Tsutomu ; Nakachi, Atsushi ; Miyazato, Hiroshi ; Shiraishi, Masayuki ; Muto, Yoshihiro ; 琉球大学医学部外科学第一講座 (1999)
  • Publisher: Ryukyu Medical Association
  • Journal: 琉球医学会誌 = Ryukyu Medical Journal, volume 19, issue 2, pages 83-86 (issn: 1346-888X)
  • Subject: colon cancer | metastatic ovarian cancer | Krukenberg tumor
    mesheuropmc: digestive system diseases

A case of Krukenberg tumor in a 30-year-old woman with transverse colon cancer is reported herein. The patient was found to have bilateral ovarian tumors and abnormal elevation of serum CEA at a community hospital. Subsequently, she was referred to the University Hospital for further work. Diagnostic examinations including US, CT and colonoscopy demonstrated transverse colon cancer and bilateral ovarian tumors. Exploratory laparotomy showed the growth of transverse colon cancer over the peritoneal cavity to the ovaries. She underwent partial colectomy for colon cancer, bilateral oophorectomy for ovarian tumors and sigmoid colostomy for pelvic carcinomatosis. Her colon cancer showed mucinous adenocarcinoma at stage IV. She is well 5 months after surgery. Krukenberg tumor has been considered as a metastatic tumor from gastric cancer, but recent reports have shown an increasing frequency of colon cancer metastatic to the ovaries. Therefore, metastatic ovarian tumors should be included in differential diagnosis.
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