Topographical features of physiographic unit borders on reef flat in fringing reefs

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Nakai, Tatsuo (2007)
  • Publisher: Department of Geography, Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • Journal: Geographical Reports of Tokyo Metropolitan University, issue 42, pages 91-97 (issn: 0386-8710)
  • Subject: coral reef | fringing reef | spatial structure | physiographic unit | PGU

In coral reef ecosystem spatial structure of 10^1-10^3m scale provide very important aspect in coral reef conservation. Nakai (2007) showed that physiographic unit (PGU) could be set as well as zonation on reef flat of fringing reef. The borders of PGUs delimiting it from the open sea or an adjacent PGU are constituted by landforms such as reef crest or channels. In this article the landforms becoming the borders of PGUs were discussed and the PGU property was clarified.
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