Effects of heavy metal ions on EDTA-sensitive cell contacts of Dictyostelium discoideum

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Yoshida, Motonobu (2000)
  • Publisher: 近畿大学農学総合研究所
  • Journal: 近畿大学農学総合研究所報告 = Bulletin of the Institute for Comprehensive Agricultural Sciences, Kinki University, issue 8, pages 75-79 (issn: 0919-3022)

[Synopsis] The effects of heavy metal ions on the EDTA-sensitive cell contacts, which exist from growthphase stage of Dictyostelium discoideum, was investigated. EDTA-sensitive cell contacts of cells at the growth-phase stage were analyzed in the presence of heavy metal ions. Heavy metal ions Hg^<2+>, Cd^<2+> and Cu^<2+> inhibited EDTA-sensitive cell contacts at concentrations higher than 10^<-5>M, whereas Pb^<2+> did not show any recognizable effects at the same concentration range. The possible mechanisms of action of these metal ions are discussed. (摘要) 粘菌細胞(Dictyostelium discoideum) )増殖期から存在しているCa^<2+>依存性細胞接着(EDTA-sensitive cell contacts)の機構解析を重金属を用いて行った。その結果、10^<-5>M以上のHg^<2+>、Cd^<2+>、Cu^<2+>処理においてCa^<2+>依存性細胞接着が効果的に阻害された。一方、Pb^<2+>処理では阻害効果は認められなかった。
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