The Practice of Emergency Medicine in Fukuoka City Hospital, A Secondary Emergency Facility in Japan

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Okuyama, Toshiro ; Hirakawa, Katsuyuki ; Kishikawa, Masanobu ; Uchiyama, Hideaki ; Kawanaka, Hirofumi ; Korenaga, Daisuke ; Takenaka, Kenji (2012)
  • Publisher: 福岡医学会
  • Journal: 福岡醫學雜誌, volume 103, issue 12, pages 241-247 (issn: 0016-254X)
  • Subject: Emergency medicine | Japan | A secondary facility | Intra-hospital system | Education for the stuff | Contribution to the society

Objective : The transition of emergency departments and the current situation of emergency medicine (EM) in Fukuoka City Hospital (FCH) were reviewed. Methods : The data concerning emergency medicine, such as the transition of intra-hospital emergency systems, were obtained from annual reports published in our hospital. Additionally, the data regarding educational programs for emergency room staff, the number of patients taken to the emergency room by ambulances, the activities regarding the Fukuoka Medical Rally (FMR) and the disaster relief team (DRT) were also reviewed and analyzed. Results : Departments of neurology, neurosurgery, emergency, and cardiology were opened sequentially, starting in 2003, with an establishment of facilities of an emergency room (ER), intensive care unit (ICU), stroke care unit (SCU), and coronary care unit (CCU). Regarding educational programs, lectures and demonstrations on basic and advanced life support techniques were given to all staff annually starting in 2004, and resident doctors completed rotations in the ER and the ICU for three months. FCH staff consistently obtained excellent results at the FMR. Ambulance crews attended lectures and received training on EM and intra-tracheal intubation. The numbers of patients taken by ambulance to FCH increased from 129 in 2002 to 2,316 in 2011. The DRT was dispatched to respond to disasters that occurred in Japan. Conclusions : As a secondary emergency hospital, FCH has developed a system to accept emergency patients. This project will contribute to the improvement of the EM system in the area.
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