Occurrence of plant disease in the Nara Campus of Kinki University : Powdery mildew disease (1)

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松田, 克礼 ; 延命寺, 俊也 ; 豊田, 秀吉 (2003)
  • Publisher: 近畿大学農学部
  • Journal: 近畿大学農学部紀要 = Memoirs of the Faculty of Agriculture of Kinki University, issue 36, pages 131-136 (issn: 0453-8889)
  • Subject:
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages | fungi

The occurrence of powdery mildew on natural vegetation in the Nara Campus of Kinki University was surveyed from April to September 2002. Totally 14 plants were infected with powdery mildew pathogens, and conidia produced on conidiophores were observed by microscope. Furthermore, cleistothecia formed on the mycelial colony of Quercus glauca were isolated by means of a micromanipulator, and asci were released from cleistothecium by crushing. The numbers of the asci in cleistothecium and the ascospores in ascus were confirmed by means of microscopic observation, and the pathogen was identified as a member of the Uncinula genus. These results would provide a model to aid in agricultural education.
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