Experimental Study of WBFC method for testing electromagnetic immunity of integrated circuits

Research Japanese OPEN
香川, 直己 (2004)
  • Journal: 福山大学工学部紀要, volume 28, pages 31-37
  • Subject: イミュニティ | コモンモード | オペアンプ | common mode | integrated circuits | WBFC法 | 集積回路 | WBFC method | immunity | operational amplifier

The author made a workbench faraday cage, WBFC, in order to estimate performance of the WBFC method for the measurement of common mode noise immunity of integrated circuits. In this report, characteristics of the constructed workbench faraday cage and results of experimental study of effects of the common mode noise on a circuit board including an electronic device are shown. Selected DUT, LM324 is popular operational amplifier for electrical circuits in vehicles.
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