Even-Odd Differences and Shape Deformation of Metal Clusters

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Hidetoshi, Nishioka ; Yoshio, Takahashi ; Department of Physics, Konan University ; Faculty of General Education, Yamagata University (1994)
  • Journal: 東北大学研究所報告. A集, 物理学・化学・冶金学 = Science reports of the Research Institutes, Tohoku University. Ser. A, Physics, chemistry and metallurgy, volume 39, issue 1, pages 39-42 (issn: 0040-8808)
  • Subject: metal cluster | even-odd difference | Jahn-Teller effect | HOMO-LUMO gap | ionization potential

The relation between even-odd difference of metal cluster and the deformation of equilibrium shape is studied in terms of two different models; (i) tri-axially deformed harmonic oscillator model, (ii) rectangular box model. Having assumed the matter density ρ kept constant for different shapes of a cluster, we can determine the equilibrium shape both for the two models. The enhancement of HOMO-LUMO gap is obtained and it is ascribed to Jahn-Teller effect. Good agreement of the calculated results on ionization potential and the experimental values is obtained.
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