Web Publication of Three-Dimensional Animation Materials for Business Mathematics : 10 Graphics for Economics Mathematics Part 2

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白田, 由香利 ; 橋本, 隆子 (2012)
  • Journal: 学習院大学経済経営研究所年報, volume 26, pages 13-22 (issn: 0916-2445)

The paper reports our web publication of visual teaching materials for business mathematics. The objective of the web site is to familiarize students with our visual approach for business mathematics at early stage, The significant advantage of visualization is that seeing the materials leads to better understanding of the mathematical process. Even if the students cannot understand the algebraic calculation process, they can intuitively understand the essence, only seeing the visual materials. The feature of our developed teaching materials is utilization of three-dimensional graphics and its animations. Just watching the animation, students can see the points, even if they have no idea about operations on the web. In the paper, we will illustrate three typical economics problems using three-dimensional animation which are a national income determination problem, an IS-LM analysis, and a Marshallian demand function.
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