Method of Converting Wheat Flour Quantity into Rice Flour Quantity in Cookies (Part-1)

Research Japanese OPEN
村田,美穂子 ; 髙橋,由加 (2016)
  • Publisher: 広島文化学園短期大学
  • Journal: 広島文化学園短期大学紀要, volume 49, pages 11-16 (issn: 1884-6769)
  • Subject: 米粉 = rice flour | 小麦アレルギー児 = wheat-allergic children | クッキー = cookies | 小麦粉 = wheat flour
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages | fungi

A method of converting the wheat flour quantity of a recipe of wheat-flour cookies into the rice flour quantity of a recipe of rice-flour cookies used domestically for wheat-allergic children was studied. The proportion of the water content with respect to the flour content (the wheat or rice flour content) in cut cookies prepared according to a commercially available recipe was obtained. Next, four types of rice-flour cookies were prepared according to a recipe for wheat-flour cookies using varied quantities of rice flour and subjected to sensory and physical evaluations. Also, reproducibility tests using an easy home recipe of rice-flour cookies were conducted by four students. The results of the sensory evaluation by comparison between the wheat-flour cookies and the rice-flour cookies(which were prepared according to the recipe for the wheat-flour cookies with the quantity of the rice flour reduced by 10 weight percent with respect to the quantity of the wheat flour) showed no significant difference between the two types of cookies. Also, the results of the reproducibility tests conducted by the four students according to a recipe using the aforementioned quantity of rice flour showed that the obtained cookies were similar to one another. As a result, the above-described method was considered effective as a method of converting the wheat flour quantity into the rice flour quantity to prepare rice-flour cookies using similar ingredients to ingredients of wheat-flour cookies with a modified quantity of rice flour.
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