Hepatitis C Virus(Topics in Transfusion Medicine 1990 : Autologous Transfusion and Post-Transfusion Hepatitis)

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渡辺, 勇四郎 ; 宮村, 達男 ; Watanabe, Yushiro ; Miyamura, Tatsuo (1990)
  • Publisher: 新潟医学会
  • Journal: 新潟医学会雑誌, volume 104, issue 12, pages 998-1,003 (issn: 0029-0440)
  • Subject: C型肝炎ウイルス | hepatitis C virus(HCV) | HCVcDNA clone | 肝細胞癌 | hepatocellular carcinoma | HCVcDNAクローン化
    mesheuropmc: virus diseases | digestive system diseases

The agent that causes blood-borne non-A, non-B hepatitis has been identified by M.Houghton and his colleagues. A cDNA of this virus has been cloned and assay system of HCV-antibody has been established. By using this assay system, we have been accumulating new epidemiological and clinical findings. We also isolated HCVcDNA clones from the serum of a Japanese healthy HCV carrier. Nucleotide sequences of these cDNA clones showed high homology with the Houghton's clones. Amino acid homology in the non-structural region (NS3) is 93% between the two HCV isolates.
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