Shock Wave Structure in Polyurethane Foam

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ONODERA, Hideki ; TAKAYAMA, Kazuyoshi (1994)
  • Publisher: 社団法人日本機械学会
  • Journal: JSME international journal. Ser. B, Fluids and thermal engineering, volume 37-B, issue 2, pages 268-274 (issn: 1340-8054)
  • Subject: Polyurethane Foam | Compressive Wave | Wave Impedance | Retrograde Material | Dispersive Wave

Shock wave propagation in polyurethane (PU(R)) foam was experimentally studied. The experiment was conducted in a shock tube by measuring pressure along the PU(R) foam in a shock tube, by means of holographic interferometry and streak camera recording. It was found that the stress-strain curve of PU(R) has an inflection point. When the pressure behind the incident shock wave was below the inflection-point pressure P_c, the wave impedance ratio of the incident shock wave and transmitted pressure wave Z_i/Z_t increased sharply. This indicates that only a small amount of energy is transmitted into the foam if the pressure is below P_c. For pressures larger than P_c, Z_i/Z_t decreases asymptotically to a small finite value.
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