Juvenile delinquency and correctional treatment in Britain

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堀尾, 良弘 ; ホリオ, ヨシヒロ ; Yoshihiro, Horio (2006)
  • Journal: 愛知県立大学文学部論集. 児童教育学科編, volume 55, pages 89-110
  • Subject: juvenile delinquency | correctional treatment | Juvenile Law system | Britain

Japanese modernistic culture is influenced not a little from Britain. In looking at the Juvenile Law and the history of correctional treatment in Britain, understanding of today's juvenile delinquency and treatment deepen. Moreover, the background and issue of juvenile delinquency in Britain are also discussed. As a feature of the juvenile delinquency in Britain, the common field with Japan and the field peculiar to Britain became clear in each. It is common to the world that the juvenile delinquency has occurred from various problems of home, school, and community. In Britain, there are serious problems, such as a difference of economical wealth and poverty, and the breakup of a family. Moreover, the hierarchical society is characteristic for the background of the juvenile delinquency in Britain. The influence of a hierarchical society is making the difference of economical wealth and poverty expand. Furthermore, British multi-racial society is also the point where Japan is different. The juvenile treatment in Britain has been influenced by the policy of the time. It is important to develop the individual treatment which has grasped a juvenile delinquent's own characteristic enough and suited it. For the substantial individual treatment connected with a juvenile delinquent's feature, psychology and educational practice need to be unified.
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