Taste bud cells and nerves

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武田,正子/内田,暢彦/鈴木,裕子; タケダ,マサコ/ウチダ,ノブヒコ/スズキ,ユウコ; TAKEDA,Masako/UCHIDA,Nobuhiko/SUZUKI,Yuko;
  • Journal: 東日本歯学雑誌,volume 21,issue 1,pages1-10
  • Subject: Denervation | BDNF | GDNF | Apoptosis | Taste bud
    mesheuropmc: nervous system

Sectioning of glossopharyngeal nerves which innervate the taste buds in the circumvallate papillae caused apoptosis of taste buds, the numbers decreasing and the taste buds disappearing after 11 days. This indicates that gustatory nerves may release a trophic substance ... View more
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