Study of Scramjet Engine System

External research report English OPEN
苅田, 丈士 ; KANDA, Takeshi (2001)
  • Publisher: National Aerospace Laboratory(NAL)
  • Journal: NAL RESEARCH PROGRESS 1998~2000 72-73 (issn: 1340-5977)
  • Subject: scramjet, aerospace plane, engine system, thermal protection system

1. Introduction The scramjet engine for the single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) aerospace plane has been studied in the ramjet propulsion research division. The problems of the scramjet are (1) combustion, (2) light structure, (3) startability of the inlet, (4) integration of engines, and (5) cooling. The construction of the cooling system is important for the scramjet engine, because of high heat flux during operation. Cooling is not only a problem for the engine itself, but also for the airframe. SSTO has a unique feature, i.e., staying in space after aerodynamic heating. Thus the heat management of the airframe in space will be a problem, as well as cooling in the ascent phase. The heat will be exhausted by radiation or by transporting to propellant. Thus, the engine and the airframe are integrated in the cooling system, as well as in the propulsive performance. The optimization of the airframe geometry for the engine performance is an important subject. Here, a cooling system for the scramjet engine is presented, as well as those of the airframe thermal protection system (TPS). The effect of the airframe geometry on the propulsive performance is also introduced.
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