Preliminary Combustion Analysis toward Stability Estimation of Rocket Engine Combustor

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Mizobuchi, Yasuhiro ; Shimizu, Taro ; Naito, Taiki ; 溝渕, 泰寛 ; 清水, 太郎 ; 内藤, 大貴 (2011)
  • Publisher: 宇宙航空研究開発機構
  • Journal: 宇宙航空研究開発機構特別資料: 第42回流体力学講演会/航空宇宙数値シミュレーション技術シンポジウム2010 論文集=JAXA special publication: Proceedings of 42nd Fluid Dynamics Conference / Aerospace Numerical Simulation Symposium 2010 (issn: 1349-113X, vol: JAXA-SP-10-012)
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    arxiv: Physics::Fluid Dynamics | Physics::Chemical Physics

A combustion flow in a model combustor equipped with a single injector located at a non-center position of the face plate is numerically simulated to investigate the combustion oscillation driving term, so called 'Rayleigh Index term' which plays a key role when we estimate the combustion stability of rocket engine combustors. The simulation reproduces the unsteady but stabilized flame behavior and reveals the flame stabilization mechanism. The critical combustion oscillation mode, T-mode, is numerically captured and the Rayleigh Index term resulting from the T-mode oscillation is evaluated. An attempt of the response analysis of acoustic/flame interaction is made by forcing pressure fluctuations to show its possibility and availability toward the construction of the combustion stability estimation tool.
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