Survey: Is there a Caribbean discourse today?

Article English OPEN
Editor, The (2014)
  • Publisher: Stockholm University Press
  • Journal: Karib: Nordic Journal for Caribbean Studies (issn: 1894-8421)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.16993/karib.21

As the first issue of Karib is dedicated to the concept of the archipelagic, we have invited scholars to answer one or both of the following questions: “Is the idea of a Caribbean discourse relevant in your work?” And: ”Do you think that there is a current Caribbean discourse, and if so, how has it evolved since the publication of Glissant’s Le Discours antillais in 1981?” The idea behind such an invitation has been to shed light upon the various ways in which the Caribbean region may be (re-)thought today, and – by extension – to discuss the current status of Glissant’s seminal work from 1981. The invited scholars have been given liberty both concerning language and length of answers. We hereby present their views in alphabetical order.
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