Determination of the Minimum Antenna Mast Height for Microwave Links with Nonzero Path Inclination: Method I

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Nwokonko, Swinton C. ; Onwuzuruike, Vital K. ; Nkwocha, Chibuzo Promise (2017)
  • Publisher: Mathematical and Software Engineering
  • Journal: Mathematical and Software Engineering (issn: 2367-7449)
  • Subject: Microwave Communication Link; Line Of Sight, Earth Bulge; Elevation Profile; Path Inclination; Antenna Mast Height; Elevation Height
    arxiv: Computer Science::Information Theory

In this paper, a method that can be used to determine the minimum antenna mast height when the path inclination is not equal to zero is presented. In this method, none of the antenna height is known. In this case, the two antenna mast heights are determined from the knowledge of the location and height of the maximum obstruction in the communication link path. The mathematical models and the algorithm pertaining to the method are presented in this paper  along with sample numerical example using path profile data for a line of sight  4 GHz microwave communication link with path length of 38887.6 m. From the results, the receiver antenna height  is 176.07 m and  transmitter antenna height  is 127.09 m. With respective to the elevation height, this gives the transmitter antenna mast height of 37.25m and the receiver antenna mast height of 127.2 m. In effect, the transmitter antenna is lower than the receiver antenna. The transmitter is also below the maximum height of the tip of the obstruction which is 144.21 m high.  The path inclination is . The ideas presented in this study are useful for installation of entirely new line of sight microwave communication link.
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