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Беззубова, О. В. (2015)
  • Publisher: РОО "Санкт-Петербургское философское общество"
  • Journal: Studia Culturae (issn: 2225-3211)
  • Subject: visual culture, new history of art, M. Baxandall, S. Alpers, T. J. Clark. | визуальная культура, новая история искусства, М. Баксендолл, С. Альперс, Т. Дж. Кларк.

Taking under consideration the works of M. Baxandall, S. Alpers, T. J. Clark the article deals with the content and methodological changes related with the appearance at 1970-th the innovative trend in the theory of art, known as «the new history of art». This theoretical and research move¬ment is of great importance for the genesis of «visual culture studies», the new interdisciplinary area in the contemporary cultural research. The works of noticed authors are of interest both for the applying methods and for the common conclusions presupposing the revision of the art history object, for call for the augmentation the source base and for the analysis the works of art in the wide historic and cultural context. For this purpose these authors examine the well researched by the previous art history periods and schools (such as the Renaissance art, the Dutch art, the French art in XIX century) to demonstrate the heuristic potential of the new research methods and theoretical foundation.
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