Windspharm: A High-Level Library for Global Wind Field Computations Using Spherical Harmonics

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Andrew Dawson;
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  • Journal: Journal of Open Research Software, volume 4, issue 1 (issn: 2049-9647 2049-9647, eissn: 2049-9647)
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  • Subject: Meteorology, Climate Science | Spherical harmonics, Meteorology, Wind vectors, Python | Computer software | QA76.75-76.765
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The 'windspharm' library is a Python package for performing computations on global wind fields in spherical geometry. It provides a high-level interface for computing derivatives and integrals of vector wind fields over a sphere using spherical harmonics. The software a... View more
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    Inferred by OpenAIRE
    Uvcdat V2.4.0 (2016)
    SHTOOLS: Version 3.1 (2015)
    windspharm software on GitHub
    pyspharm software on GitHub
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