Implementation of a RANLUX Based Pseudo-Random Number Generator in FPGA Using VHDL and Impulse C

Article English OPEN
Agnieszka Dąbrowska-Boruch ; Grzegorz Gancarczyk ; Kazimierz Wiatr (2014)
  • Journal: COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS (issn: 1335-9150)
  • Subject: RANLUX, FPGA, PRNG, HPC, HPRC, VHDL, Impulse C | 68U01, 65P20, 60G099

Monte Carlo simulations are widely used e.g. in the field of physics and molecular modelling. The main role played in these is by the high performance random number generators, such as RANLUX or MERSSENE TWISTER. In this paper the authors introduce the world's first imp... View more
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