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Application of Robotic and Mechatronic Systems to Neurorehabilitation

Paolo Dario; Stefano Mazzoleni; Eugenio Guglielmelli; Maria Chiara Carrozza;
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  • Published: 01 Mar 2010
  • Publisher: InTech
Robotic and mechatronic systems presented in this chapter are increasingly used in hospitals and rehabilitation centres as technological tools for the clinical practice. These systems are used to administer intensive and prolonged treatments aimed at achieving the functional recovery of people affected by neurological impairments, in sub-acute and chronic stage, with a potential improvement of the cost/effectiveness ratio. They can evaluate the effects of rehabilitation treatments in a quantitative way and contribute to increase the knowledge of motor control and learning mechanisms in humans. Such systems have to be designed according to the ever-increasing kno...
free text keywords: Motor behaviour, Motor learning, Robotics, Patient performance, Mechatronics, Neurorehabilitation, Human–computer interaction, Functional recovery, Artificial intelligence, business.industry, business, Computer science, Modalities
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Part of book or chapter of book . 2010
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51 references, page 1 of 4
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