A Mature NK Profile at the Time of HIV Primary Infection Is Associated with an Early Response to cART

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Gondois-Rey, Françoise; Chéret, Antoine; Mallet, Françoise; Bidaut, Ghislain; Granjeaud, Samuel; Lécuroux, Camille; Ploquin, Mickaël; Müller-Trutwin, Michaela; Rouzioux, Christine; Avettand-Fenoël, Véronique; De Maria, Andrea; Pialoux, Gilles; Goujard, Cécile; Meyer, Laurence; Olive, Daniel;

Natural killer (NK) cells are major effectors of the innate immune response. Despite an overall defect in their function associated with chronic human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, their role in primary HIV infection is poorly understood. We investigated the m... View more
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