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Bounds on complex polarizabilities and a new perspective on scattering by a lossy inclusion

Graeme W. Milton;
Open Access English
  • Published: 22 Apr 2017
Here we obtain explicit formulae for bounds on the complex electrical polarizability at a given frequency of an inclusion with known volume that follow directly from the quasistatic bounds of Bergman and Milton on the effective complex dielectric constant of a two-phase medium. We also describe how analogous bounds on the orientationally averaged bulk and shear polarizabilities at a given frequency can be obtained from bounds on the effective complex bulk and shear moduli of a two-phase medium obtained by Milton, Gibiansky and Berryman, using the quasistatic variational principles of Cherkaev and Gibiansky. We also show how the polarizability problem and the aco...
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  • Project Code: 1211359
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