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Synthesis and characterization of an f-block terminal parent imido [U═NH] complex: a masked uranium(IV) nitride.

William Lewis; Jonathan McMaster;
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  • Published: 16 Apr 2014 Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society (issn: 0002-7863, Copyright policy)
  • Country: United Kingdom
Deprotonation of [U(TrenTIPS)(NH2)] (1) [Tren TIPS = N(CH2CH2NSiPri 3)3] with organoalkali metal reagents MR (M = Li, R = But; M = Na-Cs, R = CH2C6H5) afforded the imido-bridged dimers [{U(TrenTIPS)(μ-N[H]M)} 2] [M = Li-Cs (2a-e)]. Treatment of 2c (M = K) with 2 equiv of 15-crown-5 ether (15C5) afforded the uranium terminal parent imido complex [U(TrenTIPS)(NH)][K(15C5)2] (3c), which can also be viewed as a masked uranium(IV) nitride. The uranium-imido linkage was found to be essentially linear, and theoretical calculations suggested σ 2π4 polarized U-N multiple bonding. Attempts to oxidize 3c to afford the neutral uranium terminal parent imido complex [U(Tren T...
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