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General Topology of the Universe

Aalok Pandya;
Open Access
  • Published: 15 May 2002 Journal: Applied Mathematics, volume 5, pages 2,442-2,446 (issn: 2152-7385, eissn: 2152-7393, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Scientific Research Publishing, Inc,
General topology of the universe is descibed. It is concluded that topology of the present universe is greater or stronger than the topology of the universe in the past and topology of the future universe will be stronger or greater than the present topology of the universe. Consequently, the universe remains unbounded.
free text keywords: Astrophysics, General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology, Big Rip, Shape of the universe, Scale factor (cosmology), Topology, General topology, De Sitter universe, Metric expansion of space, Particle horizon, Flatness problem, Mathematics
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