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Developmental Trajectory of Infant Brain Signal Variability: A Longitudinal Pilot Study

Chiaki Hasegawa; Tetsuya Takahashi; Yuko Yoshimura; Yuko Yoshimura; Sou Nobukawa; Takashi Ikeda; Daisuke N. Saito; Hirokazu Kumazaki; Yoshio Minabe; Mitsuru Kikuchi;
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  • Published: 01 Aug 2018 Journal: Frontiers in Neuroscience, volume 12 (issn: 1662-4548, eissn: 1662-453X, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Frontiers Media S.A.
The infant brain shows rapid neural network development that considerably influences cognitive and behavioral abilities in later life. Reportedly, this neural development process can be indexed by estimating neural signal complexity. However, the precise developmental trajectory of brain signal complexity during infancy remains elusive. This study was conducted to ascertain the trajectory of magnetoencephalography (MEG) signal complexity from 2 months to 3 years of age in 5 infants using multiscale entropy, which captures signal complexity at multiple temporal scales. Analyses revealed scale-dependent developmental trajectories. Specifically, signal complexity p...
free text keywords: Neuroscience, Perspective, infant development, magnetoencephalography (MEG), multiscale entropy, complexity, longitudinal change, Neurosciences. Biological psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry, RC321-571, Neural development, Temporal scales, Artificial neural network, Psychology, Cognition, Magnetoencephalography, medicine.diagnostic_test, medicine, Sample size determination, Trajectory
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