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A graph rewriting programming language for graph drawing

Peter Rodgers;
  • Published: 01 Jan 1998
  • Country: United Kingdom
This paper describes Grrr, a prototype visual graph drawing tool. Previously there were no visual languages for programming graph drawing algorithms despite the inherently visual nature of the process. The languages which gave a diagrammatic view of graphs were not computationally complete and so could not be used to implement complex graph drawing algorithms. Hence current graph drawing tools are all text based. Recent developments in graph rewriting systems have produced computationally complete languages which give a visual view of graphs both whilst programming and during execution. Grrr, based on the Spider system, is a general purpose graph rewriting progr...
ACM Computing Classification System: MathematicsofComputing_DISCRETEMATHEMATICS
free text keywords: Graph drawing, Visual language, Graph rewriting, Diagrammatic reasoning, Theoretical computer science, Computer science, Computer graphics, SPQR tree, Programming language, computer.software_genre, computer, Graph (abstract data type), Abstract semantic graph, QA75, QA76
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