Habilidades pre-escolares de los niños nacidos prematuramente y con bajo peso

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Sasha A. Martínez-Espiet; Irene Sumaza Laborde; Leila Crespo Fernández; Maribel Campos Rivera; Frances Boulon Díaz;
  • Publisher: Instituto Peruano de Orientación Psicológica - IPOPS
  • Journal: issn: 2411-5940, eissn: 2413-4465
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.24016/2015.v1n2.13
  • Subject: premature | development | premature; low weight birth; visual motor integration; development | visual motor integration | psychology | prematurez; nacimiento bajo peso; integración visual-motora; desarrollo | psicología | low weight birth | BF1-990

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the development among a group of pre-school children born premature and with low weight. We evaluated a group of four years old children; 20 children born prematurely and 20 children born after a full gestation and desired weigh... View more