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Đ. Senčić; Danijela Butko;
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  • Published: 01 Dec 2006 Journal: Poljoprivreda (issn: 1330-7142, eissn: 1848-8080, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Faculty of Agrobitechnical Sciences Osijek
The research was conducted with two groups of Lohmann Brown hybrid layers. Production of eggs lasted for 52 weeks. A control group of layers was kept in the conventional housing system, that is, in cages, while experimental group was kept in the free range system. Layers from the free range system, compared to those kept in cages, laid fewer eggs, (266:295), they consumed more feed on daily basis (129 g : 115 g), more feed per kilogram of egg weight (2.83 kg : 2.35 kg), they had higher mortality rate (6.80 % : 5.50 %) and lower end of lay body weight (1.95 kg : 2.10 kg). Eggs from free range layers, compared to those from the cages system, had significantly (P<0...
Medical Subject Headings: embryonic structures
free text keywords: free range system, cages system, layers, egg quality, Agriculture (General), S1-972, Plant culture, SB1-1110
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