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Stopped-flow injection spectrophotometric method for determination of chlorate in soil

Jaroon Jakmunee;
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  • Published: 01 Jun 2008 Journal: Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology (issn: 1905-7873, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Maejo University
A stopped-flow injection (FI) spectrophotometric procedure based on iodometric reaction for the determination of chlorate has been developed. Standard/sample was injected into a stream of potassium iodide solution and then merged with a stream of hydrochloric acid solution to produce triiodide. By stopping the flow while the sample zone is being in a mixing coil, a slow reaction of chlorate with iodide in acidic medium was promoted to proceed with minimal dispersion of the triiodide product zone. When the flow started again, a concentrated product zone was pushed into a flow cell and a signal profile due to light absorption of the product was recorded. Employing...
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20 references, page 1 of 2
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