Thinking Psychology Today

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  • Publisher: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Journal: Universitas Psychologica (issn: 1657-9267)
  • Subject: Psychology-Latin America | Globalization-Latin America | Psychology | BF1-990

The inauguration text of the V Congress of Psychology at the Javeriana University, “Thinking the Present: Psychology, Criticism, and Globalization Times”, is presented. This event took place in April, 2008, in Bogotá, Colombia. These thoughts invite to see Psychology in the present, and to ask oneself about the forms of life that we are built of and that go through subjectivities in today’s World, within the framework of the Economical, Cultural, Social and Political conditions of our countries, and they also invite to go in depth into the conditions of creation of a Subject that assumes the undefined project of freedom
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