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Novel Formulations of Phase Change Materials-Epoxy Composites for Thermal Energy Storage.

Miguel Ángel Álvarez Feijoo; Andrés Suárez García; Claudia Luhrs; María Elena Arce;
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  • Published: 26 Jan 2018 Journal: Materials, volume 11, issue 2 (eissn: 1996-1944, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: MDPI
The article of record as published may be found at This research aimed to evaluate the thermal properties of new formulations of phase change materials (PCMs)-epoxy composites, containing a thickening agent and a thermally conductive phase. The composite specimens produced consisted of composites fabricated using (a) inorganic PCMs (hydrated salts), epoxy resins and aluminum particulates or (b) organic PCM (paraffin), epoxy resins, and copper particles. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) was used to analyze the thermal behavior of the samples, while hardness measurements were used to determine changes in mechanical propert...
free text keywords: Article, PCM, PCM-epoxy composite, thermal energy storage, paraffin, Plackett-Burman, Technology, T, Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering, TK1-9971, Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General), TA1-2040, Microscopy, QH201-278.5, Descriptive and experimental mechanics, QC120-168.85, General Materials Science, Heat transfer, Differential scanning calorimetry, Fabrication, Composite number, Composite material, Materials science, Aluminium, chemistry.chemical_element, chemistry, Thickening agent, Epoxy, visual_art.visual_art_medium, visual_art, Enthalpy
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